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Diving and snorkeling in the Philippines

Diving and snorkeling in the Philippines
The Philippines is the wonderful country with 7000 islands which are washed by many seas. Climate is tropical and annual temperature is +26 +29 degrees. These are wonderful conditions for diving. The Philippines is one of the best places for diving in the world. There are so many various beaches for example with white sand or with stones; high mountains, amazing waterfalls and beautiful rivers, sleeping volcanoes and of course corral reefs. This paradise nature attracts a lot of tourists. Diversity of the underwater world amazes every person! It’s hard to find two identical coral reefs even on the one island.
You will find here many kinds of diving for different levels but don’t wait too much from this scuba diving; it’s not the same as for example on the Red Sea. Usually people like to watch corrals and something bigger than fish but of course you will see whale sharks. There are not so much fish in seas. Local fishermen use a kind of fishing called “bomb fishing”. They stun fish with the help of dynamite. No doubt, local government tries to make some law prohibiting such fishing. Unfortunately such fishing leads to fish distraction.
Corals are also changed from such fishing and typhoons. In general it doesn’t influence on variety of corals and macro world on the territory of the Philippines. There are more than 430 kinds of corals in Apo Island. Scuba diving in Kavili Island surprises you with very interesting underwater walls, pergolas, and ledges. Visit this place you can only as safari tour but it’s worth it!
A lot of small planktons you can find in Mandau and Coco Loco Islands. In every season you can see different animals but snakes and turtles are everywhere. Diving develops here with government support. Don’t try to look for diving clubs because they will find you!
Snorkeling is another kind of entertainment which is very popular in the Philippines. People of any age can do this sport. It is easier than diving. It’s the practice of swimming on the surface of the water with a face mask, a snorkel and fins. It allows you to have your face down in the water and breath. It doesn’t matter what kind of rest you prefer – to watch or to take part; snorkeling gives you both activities. If you have never swam with mask and breathing tube but you want to try, you should understand that it’s necessary to learn equipment before your first time. Amateurs will find special training equipments “Snorkeling diving”. It’s not as hard as you thought. When you will swim under the water with fish you will get so many new impressions!
The best snorkeling is near Pangalo, Cebu and Palavan (Puerto Princessa). Snorkeling brings you a lot of new impressions and many pictures with fish, coral reefs and all underwater beauty. Perhaps local snorkeling is better than Thailand and the Red Sea. It’s impossible to compare snorkeling and diving because these activities have different feelings and impressions. Some places are good for some entertainments. The Philippines is famous for good service both activities. 
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