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Hidden Valley in the Philippines

Hidden Valley in the Philippines
Hidden Valley is a famous nature reserve in the Philippines. It is located an hour from Manila. Being here you feel like you go in some centuries back. This is a pool with mineral water. This pool was formed as the result of volcanic eruption. The pool with hard lava is amazing. The tropical forest has grown on the place of volcano and there is a small hotel in the center of this tropical forest. This is a unique park and a spa resort.
Old trees, some natural pools and soothing silence provide a sense of peace and tranquility. Every pool (there are about 8 pools here) has different mineral matter. Temperature is about +25 +43. After swimming in such pool you feel renovation and health. This unique mineral water helps to restore health, to cure of gynecological disorders, arthrosis, arthritis and even psoriasis.
There is the longest underground river on Palavan Island. This is the territory of a national park “Saint Pole”. In jungle thickets you will see very interesting bats; their wings are about 1 meter! It’s possible to watch their life only at night. There are many stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and size. Small Tasiery monkeys are very funny and bring a lot of joy.
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The Philippines is the unique country because a lot of wonderful orchids grow here.
The Philippines is the island state. The Philippines has 7000 small islands and there are even some desert islands.
This is a small town 20 km from Manila. The main attraction of this town is a bamboo organ. Many tourists come here
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