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Boracay, tours

Boracay, tours
Boracay is located in the central part of the Philippine archipelago. This is the center of beach rest, diving and kite surfing. White sand is the main pride of the island. Blue water, white sand and a lot of trees, plants and flowers make real paradise for tourists. Tourists named this island “beating heart of the Philippines”. The island is located in the South China Sea. This is not big island, about 7 km at length and 2 kilometers broad wise. It’s interesting but the highest point is 100 meters above sea level. To get from one town to another you should go through jungle thickets.
Beautiful Borakay beaches are popular in the world. Emerald green sea and white sands attract a lot of tourists and make pleasant atmosphere for wonderful vacations. The most popular beach is White Beach; this is an ideal place to bask in the sun. Beach season in the Philippines lasts from December to July. Opposite side of the island is famous for strong winds and very beautiful nature. Professionals and amateurs come here to try the best diving and surfing. If you don’t want active rest you can travel by boat round the island. It’s necessary to visit a cave on the north of the island with giant bats and the Shell Museum.
The central part of the island is more touristic. Amazing view opens from high hills. You will remember for long time nights on the White Beach. Sunsets are fantastic here. Other attractions of the island are Luho Mountain (the highest point of the island), Puka Beach (the Northern Cape is famous for original shells), The Butterfly Garden and The Crocodile Island. 
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The Philippines is the unique country because a lot of wonderful orchids grow here.
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