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Apo national park in the Philippines

Apo national park in the Philippines
The Philippines is famous for unique natural attractions such as parks, galleries, farms and many other things. One of the most popular attractions in the Philippines is National Park Apo. This park is located in Mindanao Island in the center of Mindoro. Apo is a volcano on the territory of this park. This volcano is the highest point of The Philippines Island more than 3000 meters.
This volcano is consisted of Pettil McKinley crate and a unique stratovulcano Apo. This volcano is divided into three cones. Besides it, this volcano was made of andesites and pyroclastics. There are green tropical forests, rare and wild plants on the territory of this park. This national park was founded in 1936 in the Philippines Island.
There are different landscapes (quite valuable for the Philippines) and volcanic massif in the park. The national park Apo protects these landscapes from destruction. This volcanic massif consists of a lot of canyons, hot springs and mixed forests. This massif is also a place where one of the most endangered species – a Philippine eagle inhabits. The territory of this national park is more than 77 000 hectares. This park is submitted the UNESCO work heritage list and this is another reason why local residents are proud of this unique place. 
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