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Restaurants and bars in Barokae

Restaurants and bars in Barokae
You are going to visit the Philippines and from a lot of different islands here you choose Barokae Island. After some tours and exertions you would like something to eat. What are the best restaurants here? Or maybe it’s better to go to cafes?
You will find a lot of restaurants and bars along the street and on the seaside. Here you can try Philippine national cuisine as in a very expensive restaurant and even in small cheap cafes. Don’t lose a chance and try such national dishes as “lehon manok” – a fried chicken, “pensit molo” – soup with trickled pastries, “edobo” meat with spices. By the way, one of the most original dishes “balut” you can try only on the streets.
Usually there are more international restaurants in the center of the city, but you can also find some places where to mix traditional and European cuisine. This is a very good variant for those who don’t like to make some food experiments.
If you don’t like Philippine cuisine it’s better to find a place with European dishes for example Italian or French cuisine. There are many restaurants with Japanese, Vietnam, and Thai cuisine. It’s interesting but local chiefs cook European dishes and adds some Philippine traditions as spices or sauce. In many restaurants you can listen to music or even dance. You will like night clubs and karaoke bars.
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Culinary traditions are very original and international in this resort. Here you can try as dishes of neighbor countrie
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