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Orchid farm in the Philippines

Orchid farm in the Philippines
The Philippines is the unique country because a lot of wonderful orchids grow here. Cebu Island is famous for thousands of these flowers. This gallery of flowers is more than a hectare. Filipinos are proud of this huge flower garden. The orchid gallery reminds exotic tropical forests. It’s very interesting but in 1994 the territory of the today’s gallery was a parking lot. This unique gallery is located in Rizal Park, the center of Manila. Visit once this gallery you’ll remember it for long time. Here you can see a lot of rare and beautiful kinds of orchids, trees, lianas and many others.
Walking here is real pleasure. Many crossed paths, bridges and trees of different shapes make romantic atmosphere. The roots of these trees can be bent or straight and grow from water. There are many nice benches where you can sit and remember the most romantic evenings, meet with new people and even make relation.
Some years ago Nokia Company made a butterfly exhibition pavilion on the territory of this park. By the way in some places of the gallery people are allowed to walk barefoot. The atmosphere of calm in the park is admired. There is a nice small but quite expensive restaurant in the center of gallery where all guests can try delicious national dishes. Besides the gallery there is an orchid farm which is located in Mindanao Island. A huge orchid plantation is Mindanao’s pride. There are more than 900 kinds of orchids in the Philippines.
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