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Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano
Taal Volcano is an active volcano on the territory of the Philippines. It is located in a province of Manila (50 km from Manila). You can get to the volcano by bus but it’s quite long way 4-6 hours. The main part of this volcano is a caldera about 25- 30 km in diameter. This caldera was caused by strong eruptions 100-500 thousand years ago. Now this caldera reminds a cap with fresh water. The Tall Lake is known from 18th century, it’s located inside of the caldera. The latest activity was in 1977. There is an island in the center of this lake.
Many tourists visit this place to see secondary craters of the volcano. The biggest crater has an acid lake inside. Tourists enjoy watching the largest complex volcano here. It’s hard to see the volcano from above because of haze but at the foot of volcano there are some good luxury hotels where you can spend some unforgettable days. Besides busses you can get there by boat. Price is about 1500 pesos for a boat (4-5 seats).
A very interesting trip to the center of crater lasts 30 minutes. All your personal things and camera you have to pack in special protection film. At the beginning the weather can be good but heavy rain happens very often here. Local residents got used to such weather changes.
If you want to buy some souvenirs you can do it on the island. A very good and useful thing is a special mask for protection from volcanic ash. We recommend buying it before your trip. Another necessary thing is a raincoat. To reach the volcano’s top you can by horses. View is amazing here, lake is so blue. But it is very hot on the top. This volcano is still active but tourists are not afraid of this fact. 
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This attraction is located 40 minutes from Manila. The special tour to this falls will last for the whole day and you will see a lot of interesting things.
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