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Pasganjan Falls

Pasganjan Falls
This attraction is located 40 minutes from Manila. The special tour to this falls will last for the whole day and you will see a lot of interesting things. At the beginning tourists visit some wonderful falls then they can dive here or boat. Together with a guide they boat under the falls. It’s fantastic! You can feel the power of water. Nature is so beautiful and it’s hard to leave this place.
Usually this tour includes a special bus to get to this falls. Before this tour the guide will recommend to buy a raincoat.
The guide gives special instruction. During this trip you can make some breaks to swim in water. It’s better to cover your head when you will be under the falls. This tour takes much time and usually on way back tourists sleep.
Here you will see only the beauty of this place, plus good diving and swimming in blue water. But this is not the best attraction for tourists in the Philippines. For example in May it’s quite boring and nothing to do. You will see only some falls because it will be hard to get to the main falls. On way back you can visit a good spa salon to get wonderful massage.
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