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Philippines tours

Philippines tours
Las Pinas
This is a small town 20 km from Manila. The main attraction of this town is a bamboo organ. Many tourists come here only to see this attraction. Don’t think that the bamboo organ is a musical instrument; actually this is a house in St. Joseph Parish Church. There you will see the famous organ which attracts a lot of tourists. The Bamboo Organ Festival takes place every February here. Another interesting place in Las Pinas is Sarao Jeepney. This is the jeepney factory where these popular cars are produced. Tourists will know the history of these cars and why jeepneys became so popular in the Philippines.
A small island became a symbol of the Second World War, the symbol of the resistant Americans and Philippines army. It is located 25 miles from the town. During the Second World War this island became the final place of battle with Japanese army in the Pacific Ocean. Even today people find artifacts of this battle here. It’s better to visit this place with a good guide.
Tagaytay City
This is a quite popular place in the Philippines among tourists. There is the famous Taal Volcano here. Local residents like coming here in summer to watch amazing view. Another interesting but unfinished attraction is “Palace in the Clouds”. First this palace was conceived as a place for service staff but now it’s the observation point with the park and wonderful garden.
One of the most beautiful places in the Philippines is Banaue. It is located in the north of Lision. This place is perfect to run away from civilization. Local residents follow tribal traditions. They grow rice on large fields. Thousands of these fields are poured with rain.
Subic Bay
This bay was ruined in 1991 after the eruption of Pinatubo Mount. After some years businessmen made a tourist center here. The location is very good: 5 minutes from the international airport and two hours from Manila. There are many rare butterflies and bats in wild forests of this place. You can dive watching beautiful coral reefs.
Puerto Galera
It is located on Mindoro Island and it is a part of some small towns, beach zone. In 16th century Spanish dealers lived here. From 70th “Puerto Galleona” (old name) has been protected by UNESCO. Tourists come here to enjoy unusual beautiful coral reefs. Diving is one of the best in the world: sunk ships, reefs and deep trench.
Kalamba is a small town in the south of Manila, in Laguna Bay. Come here if you want swimming in hot springs. Another interesting place is Rizal Shrine (this is a house of a national hero). Every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this house works as a museum. Not far from the museum there is an amusement park Santa Roza.
This island is famous for deep forests and beautiful rocks. The pride of this island is the underground river in Saint Paul Cave. It lasts about 8 km. You can get to the island by plane from Manila airport.
Chocolate Hills
This is very original and unusual geological formation in Bohol, the Philippines. Shape of these hills reminds chocolate truffles. That’s why people named it chocolate hills. The maximum height of these hills is 120 meters and there are more than 1200 hills in the valley. This is a national nature preserve.
Villa Escudero
Some years ago this place was a rice plantation but now it’s very famous resort. Local residents in national dresses meet tourists. Besides the villa you may visit a museum and a church. The Folk and Dance Festivals take place at weekends. If you want to know more Philippine traditions and customs- welcome to Villa Escudero.
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The Philippines is the unique country because a lot of wonderful orchids grow here.
The Philippines is famous for unique natural attractions such as parks, galleries, farms and many other things
The Philippines is the island state. The Philippines has 7000 small islands and there are even some desert islands.
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