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Cunning but hospitable Turks

Cunning but hospitable Turks
If you are going to Turkey you have to visit all local points of interest, to know Turkish traditions and customs, to learn some Turkish words and some rules of etiquette. To know these rules are very important because you can have some problems in the country. Following these advice you may in any Muslim country. Turks are very hospitable, they like quests. Hospitability is the main trait of Turkish people. You will see smiles and hear invitations for a cup of coffee or tea. A refusal means disrespect to Turks. If you don’t want to offend a person you have to tell a very serious reason why you will not be able to come. Turks think that some tourists are quite boring and closed people because they can’t forget about their work problems even when they are on vacations.
Coming here for the first time you will see that people are smiling. Turks consider that every person has to smile even if he is not happy. Being in Turkey you should smile and answer politely on any questions. Turkey is the European country. People wear modern cloths, they communicate very politely. Sometimes you can meet Turkish woman in European modern cloths, but mostly women wear traditional dresses covering legs, arms and a neck. It is forbidden to take pictures with Muslim women. You can do it only with their consent.
From 1926 the women equality has been introduced in Turkey but nowadays men are still more powerful. Turkish women work in economical and social area. Turks are very patient and tolerant people. They respect traditions and laws of their and other countries. Don’t forget, Turkey is another country and you are a guest in it. Try to follow its rules and customs. Ladies shouldn’t wear too short skirts or tight jeans in the streets. It’s a shame to be in bikini in the market or in the street. It’s forbidden to tan without bikini on public beaches. You can do it on the territory of the hotel without any problems. Take off your shoes being in the mosque. A woman should wear closed cloths and headdress.
Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited. To drink alcohol you can in a café or a restaurant. Most of state institutions and commercial organizations don’t work in the second half of the day in summer.
There are a lot of mosques in Turkey. Although after the first president Mustafa Ataturk Islam became less popular in the country. Any way the main religions rituals as birth, circumcision, wedding and others are very important for people. Turkish batch are very popular entertainment among tourists. Every hotel has a Turkish bath. During the fast followers of Islam don’t drink, eat and smoke from dusk till dawn. During this period tourists should eat in restaurants but not in the street. Don’t forget that according to Islam Turks don’t eat pork.
If you see a beautiful Turkish girl – don’t try to get to know her. Otherwise you will talk to her parents. Turks like to use sign language but they don’t understand some European signs for example a thumb means sexual desire. Flick with two fingers means approval. Crossed fingers mean silence.
If you follow these rules you will have wonderful vacations without any troubles.
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Turkey is a country with special traditions and customs, its own way of life. Officially women and men have equal rights