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Souvenirs from Turkey

Souvenirs from Turkey
Leaving another country people want to pick up something as a souvenir. Turkey as the eastern country attracts tourists its exotic. Usually tourists buy skull caps, pointed shoes, plates, jugs, vases, hookah and daggers. They like to buy Turkish sweets, pomegranate tea, rose petal jam, anise- flavored liqueur. Other popular souvenirs are special sponge for Turkish bath and nazar (an amulet). By the way this amulet is one of the most popular souvenirs among tourists. According to the ancient legend this amulet protects from the evil eye. You will see a lot of goods with this symbol.
Remember, that many hookahs are only souvenirs, not for smoking. You have to decide for what reason you need this hookah and than to buy what you need.
Oriental sweets
It’s hard to imagine Turkey without various sweets: halva, baklava, Turkish delight, sherbet. There are some kinds of every sweet for example Turkish delight can be orange, rose, apple, strawberry and chocolate. Baklava is pistachio and chocolate. The country is famous for its dried fruit, nuts and marzipans. Every region of Turkey has its own special sweets. For example Datch is famous for honey almonds. People who like cooking should pay attention to Turkish spices. Don’t forget to buy Turkish coffee, it has unforgettable taste. Tea is very popular drink in the country. Here you can buy as traditional green and black tea as original berry and fruit tea. Turkish is rich in good olive oil and olive cosmetics.
Carpets from Turkey
Why don’t to buy a carpet in Turkey? Carpets are very popular souvenir and present for friends. Carpets are made by hand. These carpets are very good quality. By the way it’s better to buy carpets in Datch because the best masters live here. This people can make any ornaments for you.
In Bursa don’t forget to visit the silk market. Silk is very beautiful and has shade of silver.
Other souvenirs from Turkey are gold, leather and clothes. Sometimes tourists don’t like Turkish gold and silver (because of low quality). It’s better to buy jewels in special places, stores. Silver is very good here. Ladies like leather sandals and shoes. Fethiye is famous for hand- made souvenirs (leather and precious metal).
Markets in Istanbul are very special world with its own rules and laws. Markets are very large. Here you can find everything for good prices. Don’t forget the most important rule on such markets – to haggle. This is a very ancient tradition. Tourists like to haggle because it helps them to save money.