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Bali diving

Bali diving
Every year many diving fans come to Bali for new impressions and emotions. The most popular diving resorts in Indonesia are located in the south-west and the west of the island. There are two kinds of swimming: with the help of underwater current and along the coral reefs. Tourists like swimming near the American sunk ship. Inside this ship they can watch underwater life. If you are not professional you will find good places for comfort and easy submersion for beginners.
The climate in Indonesia is very favorable the whole year for diving. Monsoon begins from October to November. Average temperature is about +26 +33C. Water temperature is +26 +28C. The temperature depends on a season and sea and sometimes it can be cooler for some degrees. (5-7). Visibility of the water in Indonesia is very good - 25- 30 meters and even 50 meters in some places! You will see everything even what you didn’t expect to see!
Why do people come to Indonesia? First of all, underwater world in Bali is amazing: reefs with colorful corals, various ocean and reef fish, dolphins, big turtles and large whale. If you want to try diving you should know some important rules. The best time for diving in Bali is a period from April to November because during the monsoon (December – March) water in the sea is quite turbid and it will be hard to see everything. You will get unforgettable impressions from diving in Bali! Especially tourists like night submersions. You may see exotic fish Mola- Mola, rare kinds of sharks. Nusa Penida is a resort as for professionals and for amateurs. Visibility in the water is about 40 meters! This resort is situated one hour from Sanur. Water is clean with white sand, currents is felt when you are 5, 5 - 5, 7 meters. Cristal Bay, Manta Point, Malibu Point, Batu Aban, Sampalana are very popular diving resorts in Bali.
The biggest wall for submissions is located in Amed. Water is clean and calm all the time, underwater currents don’t violate submission. Gili Toapekong is a place in several km from Padang. Water is cooler here and underwater world is not so various but here you can go to the open sea. , plus strong currents, visibility is about 10-15 meters in the water.
Menjangan Island is located in the north, 140 km from Sanur. To get to this place you can by boat (about 10 minutes). The most popular attraction for tourists is the underwater wall (60 meters). This wall is the best in Asia. Another attraction is the sunk ship “Anker” in the west of Menjangan (at the depth of 7 meters). This territory belongs to the national park Barat. Divers like night submersions.
Bali is the unique island with a lot of interesting places for diving. Even if water is not quite clean you will see amazing underwater world of Bali and get only positive emotions.
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Bali is the exotic island in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali is famous not only for wonderful comfort holidays
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