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Tours Indonesia

Tours Indonesia
Sea, sun, beach, tasty food and exotic nature of Indonesia make real paradise for tourists! It’s so nice to lie in the sand, try new exotic dishes, and swim in warm sea. Unfortunately such kind of rest becomes boring for tourists and people try to find something new and interesting. Don’t forget that you are in other country and there are a lot of different attraction besides beaches and bars. First of all, every tourists being in Indonesia should visit Java Island. Java is a very popular tourist destination with a lot of different entertainments and attractions. The capital of Indonesia Jakarta is located in Java Island. If you want to see something ancient and amazing we recommend visiting Kota.
Many years ago the Dutch lived in this part of the city. Nowadays small buildings here remind Dutch houses. Many tourists like to take a picture in this place. Being here you have feeling like you are in old Europe but with Asian colour. Taman Fatah is the most popular place among tourists because of its museums, monuments, temples. It’s necessary to visit The Puppet Museum, the oldest temple Tszine- Yuan, Medan Merdake (another name is Freedom Square) with a national monument (132 meters).
Jakarta and Java Island should be the first in your list of places in Indonesia. The Borodubur Stupa is a unique monument (200 square meters in size). The name is translated as “a temple of thousand Buddha”. This is a very beautiful and massive monument. The temple took the form of a step pyramid. Tourists have never stepped into the temple because the temple doesn’t have the inner space. It’s a very interesting fact that people who come here for the first time feel peace and calm. This place is worth to be in your list of places.
The gem of Indonesia is Bali. This island is rich in various attractions and entertainments: the national park with thousands of different animals, birds, plants and many others. Ubud is an elite part of the island with small hotels, quiet beaches, and nice restaurants and so on. There are a lot of various stores where local residents sell their craftworks. If you are travelling with kids you have to visit The Bird Park and Reptile Park in the island. These two parks are located very close to each other. You will see a lot of different birds, snakes, lizards. You can even take part in ritual snake feeding (every day in the reptile park) and crocodile fights.
Don’t forget that Indonesia is the island country. Every island has something unique and special: volcanoes, beautiful temples, and large parks with monkey, Buddha statue, amazing beaches and many other attractions. Other words Indonesia is a country of many attractions and entertainments. Paradise exists here and now.
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Indonesia is the island country and Bali is only a small part of this country. Being in Bali it’s necessary
Sulawesi seems to be a real national reserve of local culture and traditions.
Java Island is the most popular island in the Indonesian archipelago. The population of this island is about 130 million people
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