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The best beaches in Bali

The best beaches in Bali
Bali is a very unique place with favorable weather for wonderful vacations. The climate is tropical and wet but at the same time quite mild. No doubt, Bali is one of the best places for spending vacations. What are the best beaches in Bali?
One of the most popular is Kuta. This place has several regions: Legian, Tuban, Kuta, Semiak. Kuta is located in the southwest of Bali. Tourists like to visit this place because of low price. There are a lot of different entertainments here. Usually surfers come here for perfect surfing conditions. The best luxurious hotels are in Semiak – Legian region. If you are interested in beach rest it’s better to choose The Oberoi hotel and The Legian. Kids will like the aqua park Waterbum and different amusement parks. Kuta is rich in various restaurants with tasty dishes, night clubs, bars, markets and many stores.
Another wonderful place with amazing beaches is Nasa Dua. Here you can get tan and swim in warm clean water. Ebb is very strong here and local residence invented a small trick. They have dug a ditch on the beach. People swim in this ditch all the time. In comparison with Kuta this place is not very cheap. But local beaches are the best in the island. There are a lot of popular luxurious hotels with golf fields.
Next place is Uluwatu. It is located in the west coast of the island. This amazing place is famous for its beautiful nature and less of people. Uluwatu is a wonderful place for peace and calm where you can enjoy sun, ocean and beaches. You will like pristine nature. If you are going to this part of the island you should visit a local temple. This temple is one of the most beautiful in Indonesia. This temple is located on the top of the mountains. Be careful because there are a lot of curious monkeys round the temple. They like to try hats and sunglasses.
Manggis and Cahndidas are located not far from Uluwatu. Local residents as tourists like this place very much. They like pristine amazing nature. The gem of this place is black sand on the beaches. Ocean view attracts a lot of people. It’s necessary to visit this nice place of Bali. Only here you will be able to forget your daily problems.
Satur is another treasure of Bali. It was the first resort in Bali. Tourists also like this place. This is paradise for beach rest because the coastline is more than 5 km! You will see lagoons with beautiful ocean views, strong undercurrents, and places with strong ebb, beaches with fine sand and pebbles.
Any way every person chooses the best place where his dreams will come true. Enjoy your holiday!
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Indonesia is a wonderful place, in other words, it’s real paradise on the earth, the perfect place for nice vacations.
If you are going to an exotic country you have got many questions and if you are going to this country with kids you have got more questions
Holiday to Bali will be the most interesting and exciting for you. Every tourist will find something special for him: from active rest to new knowledge
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