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Surfing and kiting in Bali

Surfing and kiting in Bali
Bali is the exotic island in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali is famous not only for wonderful comfort holidays, different attractions but also for various active kids of sport. Fans of surfing and kiting visit this beautiful island. Why do people choose Bali? First of all, you can do water sport for the whole year. The climate is very favorable for different activities. The best time to visit Bali is from May to September: the weather is sunny and hot. But extremals like waves and wind. Bad weather is better for such kinds of activities. Second, surfing and kiting are very popular in Bali among professionals and amateurs. The infrastructure is well-developed for this sport. There are many different surfing clubs ands special centers. All instructors speak English; you won’t have any problems to understand these classes. If you are a beginner in this sport you will have a change to learn surfing.
Believe, you will get real pleasure here! Waves are called “friendly”. Beginners have wonderful conditions for surfing; waves are low about 1, 5 meters. Since 1930 Australian people have been coming here for ideal conditions for water sports. However Balinese people didn’t appreciate this idea. Nowadays Bali has become paradise for surfers.
Bali pleases with beautiful nature, warm sea with sandy bottom. Bali has become the world capital of surfing. Beach passive and active holidays are very good here.
The main surfing places are located in the south seacoast of the island: Medewi (in the west), Padang Bay (in the east). There are about twenty beaches where you can do surfing and kiting. Southern part of the island is better place for beginners. The best popular resort among surfers is Kuta. This resort has very favorable conditions for ideal glide over the waves. There are a lot of surfing centers. Local waves are very good for beginners. Kuta is the center of tourist life in the South Coast of the island. Waves are very good in coral reefs, 1 km from Kuta. Surfers like Bukit Badung for good waves and small bars and hotels. Not far from the airport there are two places for water sport – Patra Jasa Bali Hotel and Rights. You have to be careful here. Waves are right-side and tides are quite dangerous. This place is favorable for professionals in surfing and kiting.
The wind speed is about 10…15 knots. It’s very good speed for kiting. In other days the wind speed can be 15…25 knots. If you have never tried kiting it’s better visit Nuca Dua with its school for beginners. By the way the beach Nuca Dua is one of the safest in Bali. Professionals and amateurs like this beach for wonderful conditions for water activities. You can buy special surfing tours in the hotels or transport to get to the place. It’s quite expensive pleasure. Transportation will cost about 60- 120 $. Any way people come to Bali for good entertainments. This is the perfect place for holidays and sport.
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