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Sulawesi Island – the Indonesian green park

Sulawesi Island – the Indonesian green park
Sulawesi seems to be a real national reserve of local culture and traditions. The nature is amazing here; the island is covered by many green forests. You will love this exotic. It’s quite easy to get to the island by boat or by plane. Every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful place. The island is not small and for traveling it has to use plans. Buses are not very safe because of road surface. Average temperature is about +30C. Water temperature is +29C. Don’t you think these are the best conditions for holidays? It’s interesting to visit many places here, for example the capital of the island – Macassar. The city amazes you with its architecture. There is a museum inside the fort. The royal tomb is located not far from the city. Beautiful waterfalls, pictures on the rocks and many other interesting will wait for you here.
In the north of Sulawesi there are a big collection of corals and sea creatures. Divers love these beautiful places. Local residents who live in the south kept unique culture of their forefathers. People are followers of animistic beliefs, especially in burial ritual. Adults are buried in caves and children in hollows of trees. The central part of this island is famous for awesome beauty of the nature, exotic flora and fauna of this place. Buton Island is a natural park with pristine forests and beaches.
The main cuisine of this island is Indonesian and Minahassae. Here you can try dog meat. The traditional dish of the island is brenebon soup with pork, beans, rice porridge, noodle and pumpkin.
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