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Bali cheap holidays

Bali cheap holidays
Indonesia is a wonderful place, in other words, it’s real paradise on the earth, the perfect place for nice vacations. Bali is one of the most popular resorts in Indonesia with tropical forests, hot bright sun, and exotic beaches with white sand. Bali island is called “The Ocean Pearl” or “The Island of thousands temples”. One of the most luxurious beaches in Bali is “Asnieres” beach. Here you will get amazing holidays. You can spend the whole day lying under the bright sun getting bronze tan. You can boat exploring coral reefs, enjoying ocean views.
“Karalng Bolong” is the best beach in Bali. The most popular attraction of this beach is a rock arch at the entrances to the sea. Here you can do ant water sports. The beauty of the underground world will attract you. You may dive, surfing or rafting. It’s interesting to watch dolphins in the south of Bali.
The gym of Asian beaches is Kuta Beach. This is a very popular beach among tourists and local residents. It’s hard to find a free space in the middle of the day. Everybody wants to enjoy wonderful holidays on this beach. Less of people are in the morning. Besides bronze tan you will find other entertainments here: water sports, shopping, cafes, restaurants, souvenirs and many others.
Another popular beach Jimbarana is located not far from Kuta Beach. This is a very good place for surfing amateurs. Men love this place for good fishing. You can rent a small schooner for sailing. Amazing view of the ocean and lake will attract you. Menu of every restaurant pleases with various fish dishes. By the way local fish cuisine is one of the best in Indonesia.
Tourists like Sanura Beaches. These beaches are famous for amazing views of the ocean, white sands and bright sun. People can spend the whole day on beaches; bask in the sun, swim, dive and many other things. There are a lot of luxurious hotels and restaurants here. Sanura beaches are one of the cleanest in Bali. This is the best place for families with kids.
Nusa Dua Beach
This is a very respectable resort for rich people. It is located in the eastern part of the country. These beaches seem to be ideal. You will be impressed by luxurious hotels with the whole complex including pools, restaurants and even boutiques.
Many hotels boast own golf fields. Holidays are real fairy tales without any luxuries. Perhaps, this is a real dream came to reality.
Bali is one of the best places for holidays on the earth. Believe, it’s a small piece of paradise for tourists. You will get only positive impressions and emotions for many years. Bali is not large island but with many beautiful and awesome beaches on its territory. Every beach is unique and special. Bali beach holidays are one of the best in the world!
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Islands of a Bali group are real paradise for tourists. Every year thousands of tourists spend wonderful and exotic holidays here
Bali is a very unique place with favorable weather for wonderful vacations. The climate is tropical and wet but at the same time quite mild.
If you are going to an exotic country you have got many questions and if you are going to this country with kids you have got more questions
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