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Batam Island – beaches of Indonesia

Batam Island – beaches of Indonesia
It’s quite easy to get to Batam Island because of regular voyages from Jakarta, Banduna, Palembanga, Dunay and Natuna. Boats from Singapore come to this island every day. That’s why Singapore is a staging point for many tourists. Even local residents from Singapore like to come here on holidays. The capital of the island is Nagoya. Prices are quite low here. Alcohol, perfume, chocolate, cigarettes and other good are cheap in Nagoya. There are some main resorts, different hotels from economy class to luxurious. Tourists like large hotels with spa resorts, restaurants, own beach and golf field on its territory. The most expensive five star hotels are located in the north of the island. A very popular resort is Waterfront.
Many cafes and stores are located in the capital of Batam. This city is not very rich in attractions. People like shopping in Indonesia and good night life with a lot of clubs and restaurants. Everyone will find something special for him. The capital is also a financial center with many banks, exchange offices and ATM. The main resort is Nongsa. Singaporeans like this resort. This place is famous for golf clubs and luxurious hotels. Very popular attractions of this island are Barelang bridges, Vietnamese refuges camps, Malian villages, Buddhist temples. People like this island for wonderful beaches, white sand, bronze tan, clean water.
The best time for visiting this island is from May to October. Rains are quite often here. Average precipitation is 2600 mm per year! The climate is very hot in Batam.
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