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Java Island – flora and fauna of Indonesia

Java Island – flora and fauna of Indonesia
Java Island is the most popular island in the Indonesian archipelago. The population of this island is about 130 million people, 65% of the country. This island attracts with its awesome nature, exotic flora and fauna. There are hundreds volcanoes in this island. The island is rich in ancient temples, palaces, mosques. To get to this island is quite easy. Every day boats, planes go to Java. You can get to Jakarta from West Kalimantan and Sumatra. The capital of this island is Jakarta. This city is famous for ancient buildings of 17-18 century, squares and streets.
The most popular attraction of this city is Taman Kota Fatah. There are the Jakarta historical museum and the puppet museum (Museum Wayang). Another interesting place is a drawbridge Chicken Market Bridge. Merdeka Square has the highest national monument (132 meters). Kids will like the zoo “Ragunan”. The most famous attraction in Bogor is the president palace. Bandug resort is located in the west of the island. This is a very beautiful place with amazing waterfall Daho, volcanoes and lakes. Asnieres is one of the best beaches in the island with volcanic springs, safari parks. The architecture masterpiece is Parambanan, the largest Hindu temple on the island. Infrastructure and service in Java is one of the best in Indonesia. You will wonderful vacations!
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