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Bali restaurants and cafes

Bali restaurants and cafes
In this paradise island every one can find something for his culinary preferences. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in every village and city of this wonderful place.
The main course of every menu in the restaurant is seafood, meat and a lot of fruit. Here you may find any kind of restaurants from the cheapest to the most expensive.
All cafes are divided into two kids: with ready meals and menu. Places where you can buy ready meals have low prices but not all tourists like these eateries. Don’t be afraid. The main ingredient of all dishes is rice and the filling is what you ask to add. It’s quite cheap and costs about 2-3$. In addition you can try fresh juice.
Jimbaran is a very popular city among tourists. This is real paradise for seafood fans. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants on the beach. You can eat wonderful national dishes enjoying sunset. If you like fast food you will find easily McDonalds’, KFC and so on. Don’t think that in Indonesia you can try only national cuisine. It’s not right; there are a lot of restaurants with international cuisine: Italian, French, Spanish and even Russian.
You have to visit Rioshi restaurant in Ubud. This place is famous for awesome cuisine, original setting, and good prices. Average bill is about 25-40$ for a person.
Instead of Rioshi there are a lot of ncie restaurants in Ubud for example Ibu Rai on the Monkey Forest Road and Bunute (live music and tasty food).
Other restaurants
Mozaic is a wonderful place for spending evenings. You will love to have dinner here! For the starter you will drink champagne for free! Usually there are three meals with 5-6 dishes: foie gras, carpaccio, oysters, various soups, lamb loin, fish, fruit desserts and chocolate. You won’t stay hungry! Besides amazing cuisine the service is also at the highest level. After dinner in this restaurant you will have only positive impressions. There is only one minus – you will pay 100$ for a person but its worth! This is the only Asian restaurant which was listed in a rating Les Grand Tables du Monde.
Ultimo is a quite democratic place where you may have fun with friends. Cuisine is not the best. It’s better to check menu and choose what you like. One of the most popular dishes is pasta with seafood. Usually this place is full at night because of live music. Bill is about 10-20$ for a person. Another restaurant is Sardine. This is very original place because menu is changed here every day. Usually a chief decides early morning what will be in menu. Tourists like this place. Only here you may try an aperitif in the middle of rice field in the arbor.
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