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Islands in Indonesia

Islands in Indonesia
Indonesia is the island country and Bali is only a small part of this country. Being in Bali it’s necessary to visit neighboring islands. You will meet the highest service, the ocean and of course beaches. Every person will find something special for him in this real paradise.
Local resorts are famous for unspoiled beaches: fine white sand, palms, breeze, amazing landscapes and clean water. Only here you will get peace and calm. Is it not the best vacations?
This island is washed by the Indian Ocean. This island is a part of Indonesian Islands. Lombok is the perfect place for relaxation: no noisy tourists and local residents. It looks like a desert island. Tourists come here for the best beach rest. Besides the beauty of this place everyone can try diving in Indonesia, beautiful pagoda and ancient temples.
It’s a quite small island close to Lombok. This is the volcanic island. There are beaches, tropical forests, clean springs, various fauna and flora, amazing waterfalls.
It’s another island in the Bali group. This place is rich in attractions especial sea entertainments. If you like scuba diving you have to visit the Sea garden Resort Bunaken.
This is the western island in Indonesia. Many people come here because of its attractions. In Lauser Mountain National park you have a chance to see rare animals. Tourists like to visit Toba Lake because of its beauty. Besides amazing beach rest you can water ski and trips on boats.
This is the largest island in Indonesia and it’s a part of Borneo. This island is famous for mighty rivers, unique rain forests and a floating market. You will be impressed!
If you are going to the east of Indonesia you will get into Papua. Much of this land is covered by jungles. The main attraction of this island is a mountain with snow on its top. This mountain is called Jayavidgaya.
This island is located in 20 km from Bali. Beaches with white sand, wilderness and clean water are waiting for you here. From the one of the island is washed by The Pacific Ocean and from the other – The Indian Ocean. This is the perfect place for diving because the island is surrounded by corral reef with various fish. Local residents are very friendly. You will find a lot of interesting entertainments.
The capital of Indonesia Jakarta is situated in this island. Java is a heart of Indonesian temples. There are a lot of different temples with amazing architecture. Here you can see the one of Seven Wonders of the World - Borobudur Temple.
Beautiful beaches with clean water, good hotels with the highest service, wonderful cuisine are waiting for you in every island of this country. You just need to choose where you want to stay and spend your vacations.
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It’s quite easy to get to Batam Island because of regular voyages from Jakarta, Banduna, Palembanga
Sulawesi seems to be a real national reserve of local culture and traditions.
Sea, sun, beach, tasty food and exotic nature of Indonesia make real paradise for tourists! It’s so nice to lie
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