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Places of Interest in Bali

Places of Interest in Bali
Holiday to Bali will be the most interesting and exciting for you. Every tourist will find something special for him: from active rest to new knowledge of this exotic country. New emotions are waiting for everyone!
Talking about the most popular tours we recommend visiting Kintamani volcano and the Village of the Arts. This tour is the most famous and lasts for the whole day. A tourist bus follows through national Bali villages where every resident has some hobby.
You will visit national art galleries, meet Bali artists who will tell the history of the Balinese art. After this tour you will understand why the Balinese art is seemed to be one of the best in the world. The technique of this painting is one of the finest filigree techniques. Tourists like this village where they can learn something new and enjoy real masterpieces. After the Village of the Arts tourists go to the mountains. Kintamani village give an amazing view of the sleeping volcano. Another beauty of this place is Batur Lake. Tourists usually eat in a small nice restaurant, they like to try new national dishes and enjoy the view of the volcano and the biggest lake in Bali. On the way back you will visit the Indonesian Museum of Fine Arts where you can buy silver souvenirs.
Another interesting and popular place among tourists is Tahan Lot, the Royal Temple and The Monkey Forest. This temple is located inTaman Ayn. It was built in the 16th and for many centuries this temple was a residence of the royal family. The Monkey Forest is the home for hundreds various monkeys. In the end of this tour you will visit Tanah Lot temple complex. It was built in 17th century. This temple is located on huge rocks surrounded by the sea. This temple looks amazing on the sunset.
Balinese people are proud of Besakih Temple. It is located high in the mountains Alung. Before climbing tourists eat in a local restaurant. You will visit an amazing waterfall Git-Git. The road to this place lays through mountains to the north of the island. It’s quite scary but it’s worth! Water is clean and cool but you have to swim there! Then you will visit Bedugul. Height is 1500 above the sea level. There is an amazing Pyra Uluin Danu temple.
Indonesia and Bali have a lot of entertainments for tourists. One of the most popular entertainments is rafting. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous and even 5 years old kids can do it. First a group of some people listens to instructions, wear life jackets, take raft oars and go… An instructor will be with you during your trip. This rafting lasts for 2 hours. Someone enjoys to row, others enjoy a view of the waterfall, palms, rope bridges, sounds and smells of wild nature.
Bali Creek Birds and Reptile Park have the most complete collection of reptiles. There are more than 250 kinds of birds and many lizards and snakes. You can take pictures with some.
Tourists who like different attraction have to see dancing Barong. This tour begins early morning. First, tourists meet local dancers in the theater where they can see a dance performance “a fight Barong (the spirit of good) against Rangda (the spirit of evil). This is the eternal subject in Balinese Epic.
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If you are going to an exotic country you have got many questions and if you are going to this country with kids you have got more questions
Indonesia is a wonderful place, in other words, it’s real paradise on the earth, the perfect place for nice vacations.
Indonesia is the very beautiful and independent country. It is the island country and that’s why it’s necessary to have
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