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Bali with kids

Bali with kids
If you are going to an exotic country you have got many questions and if you are going to this country with kids you have got more questions. First of all, you try to figure out to take kids with you or not to take. If your kids are too little it’s better not to take the risk. But if your kids are quite adult- why not to take them. They also want to see new places. You won’t be bored.
Bali is a perfect place for family vacations. Here every one will find something special for him. There are many amusement parks, zoos, safari, water entertainments, swimming with dolphins, diving and surfing, riding elephants and many others. You can have some activities together with kids for example dancing, horse riding, music, and painting.
The ideal place for family vacations is Wonder Camp. This is the amazing camp where you can have rest the whole family, to know something new and entertain (for example you can paint a picture together with kids). Besides good entertainments you can try wonderful cuisine. If you want to walk alone or you get tired of kids there is a special kid’s room on the territory of this camp. If you don’t have a chance to get into this camp, don’t worry. There are many interesting places on Bali. Buying a tour in the travel agency you can ask an agent to find something for kids. We recommend the reptile park. Sun, sea, beach, and warm sand are waiting for you here! Bali is famous for its beaches.
After active entertainments you would like to have a snack. Here you may ask – what to feed your kids in this country? Pay attention that national cuisine is quite exotic. First try yourself before to feed kids. Meat or fish can be raw. There are many restaurants with European cuisine.
First days after your arrival it’s better to eat something traditional (for you!) in the hotel. Don’t forget that our “weak” stomachs are not used to this climate and of course to this cuisine. Give some time to your organism! Be careful because Bali cuisine is spicy.
Don’t experiment with food and eat in restaurants and cafes which someone (friends or other tourists) recommended you. Don’t drink tap water. Buy water in bottles.
Don’t forget to wash your hands all the time. Wash fruit and vegetables if you buy in supermarkets or markets. Don’t forget to take a medicine chest. Kids are naughty and you will need it. Don’t allow kids to walk barefoot. Take repellents and special spay protecting from mosquitoes. The weather is sunny all the time so don’t forget to take special sun lotions. Kids should wear caps or hats. Before your departure it’s better to consult with a doctor and make all necessary vaccinations.
If you follow these advices it helps to protect your health and your kids. You will have unforgettable vacations together with your kids.
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