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How much money do you need to Indonesia?

How much money do you need to Indonesia?
Thinking and planning our future vacations we begin to count how much money we should take to this trip. No one wants to beg in the streets of the exotic country. First of all, we have to think about tickets. If you want to avoid problems with searching tickets it’s better to go to the travel agency. But experience tourists recommend doing everything yourself. You can save money and find cheap tickets and quite good air company. Of course tickets depend on an air company and destination but common price is 1000$ for a person. To travel between islands you will be able with the help of airlines and sea transport as boats, ships and so no. Fare is quite different but we advice to use the golden rule of every Asian country - “to haggle” everywhere and with everyone (even the police). Of course it’s impossible to haggle in airports but with private carriers you can show your “art” of haggle. Some words about the police, if you are stopped for fast driving don’t make sad face. Even here you can haggle with a policeman. Don’t be afraid! You are in Indonesia!
Some words about public transport
Taxi is quite cheap here, about 4$. By the way before your departure it’s better to check exchange rates. It’s easy to exchange dollars in the airports, banks or special exchange offices. Indonesia is the modern and well-developed country. In many restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping malls and stores you can use payment cards Visa and MasterCard.
Hotels in Indonesia
Indonesia is the country of eternal summer, less of rain and tsunamis, no snow and frost. The weather is perfect but it doesn’t mean that you will sleep under the open sky (some local residents like such way of living: no house – no problem). Hotels are very comfortable with good services, from very expensive to quite suitable and cheap hotels (about 5$ per night).
Food in Indonesia
There are a lot of various restaurants, bars and eateries in the country. You can try as traditional as international cuisine (French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and so on). Local residents adore varungs. This is a traditional café in Indonesia. Everyone can try the most national food. Usually varung is a very small room with some tables. Don’t forget that every island has something special in cuisine.
Tourists like these varungs for low prices and tasty national dishes. Coming here you will not eat and tan all the time, you would like to do and to watch something. Indonesia is rich in different entertainments: different tours, excursions (about 10$ for a person), diving centers (50$ for diving), museums (7$ for entrance) and many interesting. Tourists like shopping here, it’s very interesting and you can find very unique and traditional souvenirs.
To sum up everything: a hotel, restaurants, tickets, entertainments, purchases we get 2500$ for a person (7 days).
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Bali is one of the most popular resorts in Indonesia, that’s why being ready for a waste of money: entertainments, tours, restaurants and souvenirs
Indonesia is a very interesting and exotic country, as in any country here you can find something to buy and to bring home as presents or souvenirs.
Bali is real paradise for shopaholics. The territory of this island is not large and if you want to find something special it won’t take much time
Tourist Traps