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Transportation in Indonesia

Transportation in Indonesia
Indonesia is the very beautiful and independent country. It is the island country and that’s why it’s necessary to have very developed transport system between many islands. The main transport models are sea transport and airlines. If you are going to travel between islands we recommend using sea transport (it’s quite cheap and fast). The main sea transport carrier in the country is a state company “Pelni”. Not only destination but kinds of boat depend on tickets. Besides “Pelni” there are some private companies: any destinations, any islands and so on. Some words about railway in Indonesia. Don’t think that it’s too exotic and interesting. Rail transport is not well developed here; a quite normal railway is only on Java Island.
It’s possible to travel by train only between Java’s cities for example from Jakarta to Surabay or Semarang. By the way tickets on train are the same as to go by plane. The best way is to travel by bus. It’s quite cheap and faster. Special buses between main cities are quite modern and air-conditioned. It’s better to buy tickets beforehand. Don’t forget to give a ticket to a bus driver or a conductor. Usually local residents cheat tourists and say high price for fare. Pay attention how much other people in the bus pay for a ticket.
Usually tourists take a taxi or rent a car. There are a lot of taxis in large cities, so it’s not a big deal to catch it. Another situation is in small towns; here you may spend hours on the road trying to get a taxi. Taxi drivers in Indonesia are sly and greedy and even impudent. All taxis are metered but sometimes taxi drivers don’t have the meter. They are supposed to use it. If you don’t see the meter, try to find another car.
Another vehicle is "becak" (a three-wheel cycle thing, the driver paddle on the back).
If you want to see the whole country inside without any help you can rent a car. It’s quite easy to do; you just need an international driving license. Of course you can rent a car or motorbike without the driving license but in this way if you are stopped the police you will pay 250$. But even here (with the police) you can haggle and pay only 15$ instead of 250$. Usually it’s better to wait for their price and only after that to give your own price (lower). It sounds strange but its truth.
Pay attention on RC symbol on the car (rental car) and insurance because to get into a car accident is quite simple here. Indonesians drive on the left-side of the road, streets are small and narrow, no traffic signs and so on. Don’t forget to check a rental car before driving and if you find something you have to point it in the insurance.
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