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Shopping in Bali

Shopping in Bali
Bali is real paradise for shopaholics. The territory of this island is not large and if you want to find something special it won’t take much time. There are a lot of different stores in the island. Every tourist finds everything what he wants. Usually during first days many tourists like to spend their time on the beach but after many hours of such rest everyone would like to walk and see something interesting. Shopping is the best way to relax. Don’t you like shopping? You haven’t tried it in Bali. You will love it! Variety of goods will please even discerning buyers. It’s hard to resist not to buy souvenirs that’s why don’t think that you will save your money.
Remember the main shopping rule - to bargain! It doesn’t matter street markets or big supermarkets. When you ask a seller his price think twice how much you will pay and say your own price. The art to bargain is not as hard as you think. You have to say lower price and when a seller agrees, you say again another lower price. It’s very interesting and funny entertainment!
The biggest shopping malls are located in Kut city. Tragia, Galeria Nusa Dua and Matahari are the most famous shopping malls. You can pay only with rupee in such malls that’s why it’s better to exchange your money before shopping. Besides cash you can use payment cards as American Express, Visa and Master Card. Some stores charge a fee 3-6%. There are various souvenirs, clothes, beautiful furniture and so on in these shopping malls. By the way it’s better to buy some souvenirs in big stores because you can buy fakes on the market. These souvenirs are very good presents for your friends or relatives.
If you going here to spend your vacations on the beach – don’t think that you will not buy anything. There are many beach vendors with the highest prices. In this way it’s better to ignore these importunate vendors. If you can’t get rid of these annoying people you can call the police (any way it’s their problem).
Stores in Bali work 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and on Sundays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Pay attention that it’s impossible to visit some stores located in Muslim parts on Monday afternoon. Local markets look like littered open-air bazaar: fruit and vegetables, clothes and shoes, souvenirs, cloth and so on. It’s possible to find exotic spices here. These markets are quite noisy, people bargain all the time. Usually local residents and tourists buy in here.
Plaza Indonesia is the most luxurious shopping mall in Indonesia. Here you can buy designer clothes very cheap. Believe here you would like to find something exclusive what you will not find in your country. Bali is the amazing place and everyone wants to keep a part of its sun, sea and nature.
Shopping in Bali is very comfortable and relaxing. Many stores and shopping malls have air – conditioners.
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Indonesia is a very interesting and exotic country, as in any country here you can find something to buy and to bring home as presents or souvenirs.
Thinking and planning our future vacations we begin to count how much money we should take to this trip.
Bali is one of the most popular resorts in Indonesia, that’s why being ready for a waste of money: entertainments, tours, restaurants and souvenirs
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