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What to buy in Bali

What to buy in Bali
Indonesia is a very interesting and exotic country, as in any country here you can find something to buy and to bring home as presents or souvenirs. We are not talking about some decorative magnets of fridges but folk art items such as pearls, golden jewels, corrals, silver and so on. In some towns you will find some special streets with jewellery shops. If you don’t care of high quality you can buy some jewels and pearls on the beach. Such pearls don’t have ideal form but it is very cheap. Many tourists like wooden goods: souvenirs and furniture. Don’t forget that Indonesia is the Asian country and as any Asian country it’s better to bargain. If you like something and you ask a seller, he will tell you a very high price. That’s why we advice to bargain all the time, they like it!
If a seller ask you when you came to the country – it’s better to cheat him and say that you are here for a month. The seller thinks that you’ve already known all local traditions and makes you good discount. Don’t think that all sellers will try to cheat you. People here are very friendly and nice. They are very hospitable. If you respect people and their culture and traditions, they will respect you in return. Our advice is to bargain everywhere. If you are going to MacDonald (yes, even there!) you should try to bargain.
It’s hard not to buy some batik clothes here. If you don’t know batik is a cloth made of special manual wax-resist dyeing technique. The ancient methods of dyeing were created on Java Island many centuries ago. According to the tradition batik in some villages and towns has different colors and ornaments. We recommend not buying batik when you just arrive to the country. First, you have to learn quality of this cloth because not all batik is handmade. One of the best places where you can buy some good souvenirs, batik, wooden goods and so on is Ubud. Here you may buy everything what you want. Of course its better take a trip and try to find something special in every corner of thus exotic country. You will get a lot of impressions and positive emotions. If you have much time it’s interesting to visit village surrounding Ubud. These villages don’t have any specialization, someone paints amazing pictures, and someone make jewels and someone makes things of stone and wood.
Besides of beautiful nature, wonderful landscapes and interesting attractions Indonesia is rich in folk art items. Everyone will find something for him to bring home
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Bali is real paradise for shopaholics. The territory of this island is not large and if you want to find something special it won’t take much time
Thinking and planning our future vacations we begin to count how much money we should take to this trip.
Bali is one of the most popular resorts in Indonesia, that’s why being ready for a waste of money: entertainments, tours, restaurants and souvenirs
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