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Prices of Bali

Prices of Bali
Bali is one of the most popular resorts in Indonesia, that’s why being ready for a waste of money: entertainments, tours, restaurants and souvenirs. Prices in restaurants and bars depend on the location of these places. For example visiting a restaurant near the sea will be more expensive. A lot of interesting places are located on The Legion beach. Another interesting place is Jimbaran beach; here you will try very tasty fresh fish and enjoy amazing sunset. Prices on markets are cheaper for Balinese people than for tourists. Here is a list of some prices for one person:
A breakfast (usually fried eggs with bacon and fruit salad) - 50 cents
Fruit salad- 16 cents
Toasts 10 cents
Pancakes - 45 cents
A lunch (for two persons) 1-1, 5 $
Fruit (for one kg.) 25 cents
Coffee- 50 cents
Pizza- 50 cents
Meat meal- 50 cents
Wine 10-20$
Many tourists come here to enjoy good shopping. Even if you are going somewhere (a museum, a gallery or so on) you will see many souvenirs shops in the streets. Shopping is a very good entertainment if you are tired of the beach, the sea and the sun. Pay attention to sarongs, interesting souvenirs, beautiful pearls and jewels. By the way pearls are very cheap here. Be careful it’s hard to resist not buying anything on the market! Some people bring home so many useless things after such journey.
There is a small village called Poppies Bali, this is the center of wooden furniture. Here you may find different wooden souvenirs, furniture and so on. If you are getting tired of your furniture and want to have something new at home you have to visit Kuta and Seminyak salons with awesome bamboo furniture. Buying a new table or chairs here you should decide how you will bring it to your country.
Fabrics and handmade clothing are real masterpieces of craftsmanship; you can find these things in Gintare. Pollies Bali and Batuan are famous of art masterpieces but the original pictures of famous painters are very expensive. Actually every small town or a village has its own goods and production and prices depend on numbers of tourists coming here.
Beach shopping is very popular entertainment on Bali. When you are basking under the sun or swimming in the sea you have a chance to buy some souvenirs because sellers walk here and sell their goods. Don’t buy anything here for their own prices because goods are not high quality and extremely expensive.
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Indonesia is a very interesting and exotic country, as in any country here you can find something to buy and to bring home as presents or souvenirs.
Bali is real paradise for shopaholics. The territory of this island is not large and if you want to find something special it won’t take much time
Thinking and planning our future vacations we begin to count how much money we should take to this trip.
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