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Public behavior in Indonesia

Public behavior in Indonesia
Going to other exotic countries (and not only exotic) we want to have wonderful and unforgettable vacations full of positive emotions, interesting tours and events, friendly and hospitable people during our journey. Sometimes we forget that another country has its own laws, traditions and customs. Don’t forget a good saying “When at Rome, do as the Romans do”. Tourists quite often forget this saying and spoil vacations themselves. After such “nice” vacations they come home and their comments about that country are not quite good: “people are not friendly, we couldn’t visit those places and so on”. Perhaps you weren’t in such situation but no doubt you heard stories from someone. Indonesia is a very exotic country; it is paradise for people who come here for vacations.
It’s necessary to know what to do and how to behave in Indonesia. First, all people in Muslim countries don’t show their emotions as usual. It’s not indecent here. Local residents are very restrained and sometimes it’s amazing how they react to some emotional situations. It’s easy to explain such behavior. Religion is the answer, Islam teaches to control emotions because these emotions can change person’s destiny. For example sadness can turn into depressions and a person can commit suicide. Any way if you learn the history of this country you will know that people here were not so unemotional. For example it’s allowed to beat thieves and pickpockets. Usually the police don’t intervene in such punishment. Couples, who want romantic vacations, have to be careful with kisses and hugs because local residents don’t understand public feelings and can throw stones in you. Don’t forget – no kisses, no hugs and so on in Indonesia!
A head is a sacred place in many Asian countries. It’s forbidden to touch someone’s head because of some superstitions.
If a local resident touches you its means that he trusts you a lot. If you know this national tradition you shouldn’t touch everybody on streets to show your respect and trust. Usually local residents do it first but not guests.
If you are invited to a restaurant with an Indonesian you can start eating only after invitation “Silakan Makan”.
Some words about visiting temples
First of all clothes should be chosen carefully. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose something from the last fashion collection. Clothes should close belly, breasts and legs. It shouldn’t be sheer or skintight. Women cover their heads with headscarf (in Asian countries it is called hijab). For women, if you have periods – don’t visit temples in this day. Going to Indonesia it’s better to check what religious festivals and holidays will be here. For example, during Ramadan which lasts for 30 days, Muslims keep the fast. Be very careful if you visit Asian countries during Ramadan because some your actions can lead to misunderstanding among local residents. It’s better not to smoke in public places during the fast. In general, Indonesia is the very friendly country. If you follow our recommendations you will spend unforgettable (in good sense) vacations here.
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