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An exotic holiday in Bali

An exotic holiday in Bali
Islands of a Bali group are real paradise for tourists. Every year thousands of tourists spend wonderful and exotic holidays here. Bali is an awesome place with white sand beaches, beautiful ocean. Bali has rice fields and coral reefs. Volcano tops and mountains add some exotic in the landscape of this island.
Here you will feel inner harmony with nature. Local beauty reminds a painted picture. Nowadays Bali is one of the most popular resorts in the world. The island is full of mystique which connected with modern world: new hotels and ancient buildings, temples, palaces, monuments.
Bali pleases with its favorable climate. There are two seasons in Bali: dry and wet. Dry season begins from June to October, wet season from November to March. Rains are quite often during wet season. Don’t worry if you come here in wet season because rains are usually at night. The sun shines brightly during a day. The average temperature is +26 C. Water temperature is +26 +28 C.
You will be surprised to see various landscapes on such small territory: rice fields, palm groves, lava black beaches and evergreen forests. Most of hotels have amazing view: it can be rock steep or the Indian Ocean, gardens or fountains.
Bali is a perfect place for spending time with friends, family or independently. Every person will find entertainment for him. There are five resort areas.
The first is Jimbaran. It was a small fishing village but now it’s a wonderful resort with hotels, beaches and restaurants. Tourists like a restaurants with seafood where you can choose ingredients by yourself.
Tanjung Benoa is the newest resort with awesome beaches. Here you can do water sport. There are a lot of beaches.
Kuta-Legian- Seminyak is a very popular resort in the island with many bars, restaurants, night clubs, and stores. Usually young people come here for holidays.
Another resort is located in the south of Bali. It is called Nusa Dua. This is a very modern resort with luxurious holidays for tourists. Most of hotels have own pools, five star service and even tennis courts.
The oldest resort in Bali is Sanur. This place is for calm family rest and couples.
Bali is famous not only for exotic place but for local cuisine. You have to visit restaurants in Bali, to try original national cuisine. You will love Indonesian cuisine.
It’s up to you what to choose in Bali. Any way, Bali is a sea of exotic and amazing impressions. Many tourists are already in love with this island. How about you?
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Indonesia is the very beautiful and independent country. It is the island country and that’s why it’s necessary to have
Indonesia is a wonderful place, in other words, it’s real paradise on the earth, the perfect place for nice vacations.
Holiday to Bali will be the most interesting and exciting for you. Every tourist will find something special for him: from active rest to new knowledge
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