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People in Thailand adore bright festivals and holidays. One of the brightest holidays is Pineapple Festival.
Do you want to know what’s happen in Thailand on 31st of December? Yes, 31st of December is New Year in Thailand but real Thai New Year is not 1st of January!
This is one of the most important religious holidays in Thailand. Local residents celebrate it on 15th day of the forth moon month
Constitution day in Thailand is celebrated on 10th of December. “The Constitution” was approved in 1932. But in spite of this fact the Constitution was revised several times but the date didn’t change.
Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes place on 27th of September every year in Phuket (an island in Thailand). It’s a very exotic festival
As the majority of holidays in Thailand this day is celebrated according the moon calendar. The beginning of the Buddhist fast in 2011 started on 16th of July
One of the most beautiful even in Thailand takes part every year in the north of the country in Chiang Mai.
Practically all south people have a special rite calling for rain. Bun Bang Fai rocket festival celebrates in Thailand still now. Many tourists come to this country just to take part in it.
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