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I always bring something from my trips, something symbolic or useful for me or my friends. Thais’ markets amazed me variety of goods, bright souvenirs...
I’ve just come back with my husband from Thailand. We spent wonderful two weeks in Phuket. Of course we wanted to bring something as souvenirs for friends from this country...
Thailand is a part of four countries, so called “Asian tiger”. Industrialization in these countries has maximum level and today these countries became...
Going to Thailand I learnt what to buy there. I read some articles in the Internet that there are good gold jewels in Phuket and much cheaper than for example in Russia.
I work as a carver and I read a lot that there are many good masters of carving in Thailand. I decided to go there and see it by myself. I want to tell that I have never seen such beauty and virtuosity!
You are going to Thailand. You already have a tour and your suitcases are ready. The main and the last question is how much money you need to take with you. Of course, every tourist...
Little bit about alcohol in Thailand but not drinks that you can order in bars or restaurants but drinks that are sold special stores.
Even if you come to Thailand just for rest spend some time for shopping. You will not be disappointed! You can buy everything here.
When I came back from Thailand I decided to write down my memories about meal in Thailand.
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