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As it known the level of infectious disease is higher in Asian countries that in Europe. Hot and wet climate helps to propagate
National cuisine of Thailand is fusion of China, Malaya, India and Burma cuisines. Thai cuisine is seemed to be one of the best in the East
Thailand differs from others countries because the climate may be sunny and hot or constant rain. Many tourists prefer to find some shadows (with worked air-conditioners) and to drink something cold and fresh
Thailand is a wonderful country. Every one who visits this country wants to keep a part of its culture. There are a lot of interesting things in Thailand but we will tell about tea in this article.
If you are going to somewhere it’s better to take a small medicine chest and Thailand is not the exception. You will be surprised but there is a risk to get cold even
The main feature of Thailand is exotic cuisine. Tourists all over the world come here to try local dishes. Thai cuisine is unique with its different taste. Thais like spicy food
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